Structure has its own AC unit

I recently read that many of the NFL teams are offering a new feature for people who want to tailgate prior to the games. If you’ve ever gone to one of these it is truly an experience because many people bring their huge RVs and set up camp the night before the game just to party. This new feature will allow people who don’t have these type of vehicles to have the same experience and it should be exciting. Storage businesses are creating portable units that will offer all of the amenities of having your own RV without the expenses that come along with it.  They have a small family room, a large television screen, 2 couches, and a few other seats inside. Outside, under an awning, there was another television screen and many outdoor chairs set up. On the roof, there is still another television screen and more seats. The article explained that NFL teams were going to rent these buildings out for fans to set up in their parking lots for tailgating. My fiance and I both think that these are going to be great additions to the tailgating experience. The best part about the structure is that it will have climate control. Each structure will have its own HVAC unit, with air vents that will not only heat the interior but blow either hot or cold air on those under the awnings. This will be great because you never know what weather conditions you will face come game day. They haven’t announced yet what the cost of these rentals will be but I am sure that many will be willing to pay it. I know that if we have the opportunity we will definitely enjoy the experience more knowing that we are not stuck out in the weather.

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