Storms and the HVAC unit

While you’re trying to pick up your life after a hurricane, the list of things you will want is ten miles long. Nutrition, water, shelter, and heat make up the top of that list, but if you’d like to rebuild and get your life back to running normally, you’ll need a lot beyond that. Recently I had an extensive hurricane hit my city, and there was also severe flooding, and I learned very much about what helps you after. First of all, power is a priority! Without a power source, it’s hard to get everything done. Once you have a gradual power supply, you need to get a central HVAC equipment working again so it will help you clear out the home of some floating germs. Hopefully your central heating and AC system is not permanently damaged, because you are going to use it heavily for the following few months. Your utility bills don’t matter now, because you might want to keep that system running all the time. It’s not about the temperature, it’s about utilizing the air filtration system. There is a lot grime and muck around afterwards, so you’ll really want to be filtering the air. The extra moisture from the flooding is going to cause an extra growth of mold and mildew in the corners of your home, and the air circulation with the HVAC system will help slow down that growth. Adjust the thermostat if you need to, because it doesn’t matter in case the air is hot or cold, so long as it is constantly circulating and ventilating your home.

HVAC repair plan