Stop complaining!

I labor in a well known fast food restaurant for a  time; For the most part, I absolutely enjoy my task. My fellow employees are awesome people, and the spending money is unbeatable, then to be honest, I make more money at this fast food restaurant, than some people make at their proper office task. The reason I make so much for a part time task, is because our boss went on a firing spree and got rid of almost everyone who was lazy, couldn’t keep up, or wasn’t benefiting the business, and i recognize this action was well overdue, plus I’m making more money now! The most stressful area about our task, is interacting with purchasers all day. There are some absolutely nice people out there, and then there are some terribly mean people as well. It’s awful when you’re always being looked down on or taken advantage of by the many guests. It’s even more stressful when guests complain about every little detail, in hopes of receiving free food. There’s this one woman who comes in several times a week; Nobody absolutely likes her, because she’s always complaining about something, then sometimes, her food isn’t cooked the way she likes, however, most of the time, she just complains about the temperature control. This is such a bizarre thing to complain about at a fast food restaurant. For one, she could totally go through the drive through, where she’s in the comfort of her own car. She can set her control unit to whatever her heart desires. She likes to leave business cards for many HVAC professionals in town, whom she claims “will make our restaurant better.” My boss just laughs it off, because both of us can’t reset the control unit, just for one individual guest.

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