Staying home for HVAC tune up

A few days ago, I had to stay home from my job because I wasn’t feeling well at all. It always seems like that transition from cooler weather to warm and sunny makes me get sick. I was so stuffed up in my nose and my throat was scratchy and swollen. I didn’t want to spread whatever virus or bacteria I had to my coworkers. Especially when I am face-to-face with my clients. I was lucky that after I stayed home I found that there was clearly some issues going on with my HVAC system. I hadn’t noticed these problems before most likely because I am at work for most of the day. When I get home from work, I am too tired to be checking my air vents and looking out for issues. I laid down on my couch next to one of the air registers. I was really feeling warm because of my illness so I went to the thermostat to modify the temperature. I set the thermostat to a lower temperature in order to make the air conditioning system turn on faster. When I did that, I sat back down and continued watching my Netflix series. About thirty minutes passed and I realized that the air taken from the vents was not very cold. Plus there was limited amount of air coming out of the vents. I knew that didn’t seem right so I looked it up on the internet. It appeared that all of the issues I was having was because I needed an HVAC tech to come and do an annual check up. So, I called my local HVAC technician to for a maintenance appointment.

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