Standing in line at amusement park and missing my air conditioner

While on trip recently, my family visited a bunch of the numerous amusement parks that are located in the south.  We bought tickets to watch  dolphins perform tricks and we ventured out on safaris.  We spent over a week  enjoying the many attractions and shows.  My husband and I had not realized what a huge tourist industry family entertainment  had become.  There were huge hotels, small hotels, and quaint bed and breakfast places everywhere.  Included in some of the theme parks were hotels and restaurants for the tourists.  One problem we encountered  was the long lines at the parks.  We hated standing in line for hours to go on some of the more popular rides.  This was truly uncomfortable in the summer sun and heat.  My family commented that we missed our home and the central a/c.  We do not take our comfort for granted, ever since we went without it for a few days.  Three years ago, we experienced record setting heat in the middle of July in our area. Right in the middle of that hot weather, our air conditioner failed.  I tried numerous HVAC companies, hoping  to find someone to come out and repair the cooling equipment. We waited nearly a week for air conditioner repair service.  The HVAC companies in the area  were busy because of the intense heat wave.  Once the air conditioner was repaired, the HVAC technician recommended enrolling in a maintenance plan.  Annual inspection reveals and resolves minor problems before leaving us without a/c on the hottest day of the year.  

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