Spring Cleaning

Once the weather begins to be fair I start my spring cleaning. This year to make things go smoother I have hired several people to help with different types of jobs. While it may cost more, having each job performed by professionals will make this year a bit easier on my bones. I hired a cleaning crew to scrub all of our from-unders who did an incredible job and I will most likely call them back out later in the year. Now I have an Heating and Air Conditioning crew in our condo cleaning our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C duct. It has been interesting to watch them as they carefully use specialized blowers and brushes on all of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C ducts in our home. They have also scrubbed our return, changed the filter, and cleaned several other components of our Heating and Air Conditioning that I did not know would be included in the price. This is the first spring cleaning I have decided to get our ducts cleaned and I am extremely content with the idea. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialists promise that I will notice an immediate improvement in the indoor air conditions of our home. After seeing all of the dust and crud that was removed from our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C duct, I do not know how my family has managed to stay healthy as we’ve never cleaned our ducts that efficiently before. I am patiently waiting for their extensive Heating and Air Conditioning cleaning to be complete so I can turn on our air conditioner again. They say that not only will our air quality be improved, but the efficiency of our Heating and Air Conditioning program should altogether be better, producing a lower energy bill each pay period.

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