Spending a lot of time up in the cold

Because of a work-related requirement, my hubby and I recently spent the month of January up north.  He and I were both born and raised in the south, and were completely unprepared for the cold weather.  I did not realize that the temperature could drop to twenty-six below zero separate from killing most people.  I didn’t assume that snow could fall continuously from the sky and pile up in six-foot drifts.  Neither my hubby or I owned wintertime boots, coats, hats or gloves when the two of us first arrived.  He and I didn’t have an ice scraper in the rental car, and had no plan what to do with a tote of rock salt.  We rented a fully equipped house for the week, and thank goodness there was a snow shovel and a toiling oil furnace.  The first thing the two of us did, upon entering the house, was search out the thermostat.  Although the two of us cranked up the temperature setting to eight-two degrees, nothing happened.  I was alarmed and thought the two of us would freeze to death within the hour.  My hubby and I headed to the basement and found a boiler oil furnace.  I had never particularly seen a boiler before, plus neither of us had a clue how to operate it.  Eventually, the two of us figured out that the boiler had been shut down while the house was empty, and simply needed to push a button to get it toiling.  The boiler is the only thing that made that month up north tolerable.  There were baseboard gas oil furnaces located in every room, and they kept the house perfectly heated and cozy.  The system was totally silent, charmingly energy efficient and completely reliable.  

perfect temp