So hot without ac

This weekend had finally come! It had become a seriously long work week so that I was content to just have a relaxing and slow weekend. Sorry to say, that was not in the cards for my situation. Saturday morning was just a day you wish you could erase from my history. I woke up with a huge headache, and a non-working air conditioner. It was subsequently so hot that my cushion was soaked with my own sweat! I managed to get up and turned on several fans so I could clear my head and cool-down a bit. It was 97 degrees in the garden, so this broken air conditioner came down to taking it’s toll on me! It wasn’t even nine in the morning and I felt like I was trapped within a burning fireplace! After I got some cold water over my face and had a cup of ice coffee, I called my best buddy. He was a certified HVAC specialist so I’m sure he could help me out today. I’d make it up to him somehow. Luckily, he wasn’t busy that day. He drove over with his tools and took a short glance at my air conditioner. He couldn’t discover any real problem. He then went to check on the thermostat and started laughing. He pushed a couple of buttons in the thermostat, and within seconds I had heard the familiar noise of my air conditioner turning on. My face turned beet red when we both realized that I must have forgotten to turn my air conditioner on before I went to bed. We shared a fantastic laugh, and then decided to check out a movie. It was my gift naturally. I owed him one!

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