Smoke in the house and using the air purifier

My hubby as well as I had just had the funnest time of our lives! Both of us recently moved into our new lake house after our month and a half long honeymoon after having been married. Both of us were still in a sort of “La-la Land” as well as still subject to the surreal sentiments based on the highs all of us recently enjoyed, so thankfully after a couple more weeks off, we would settle down as well as get totally adjusted. I figured this transition stage would be a piece of cake because I just absolutely adore my hubby! I have always loved everything about him…except for this single thing: his smoking habit, but little did I know, though, what I originally considered to be a slight matter became much more meaningful after we started living together. I’m a realist, so I have always considered myself tolerable as well as more than well aware that nobody’s perfect, each of us have our faults/flaws, myself absolutely included. Be that as it may, my hubby was a humongously headstrong man as well as didn’t take unquestionably kindly to being told when–or to put it more practically, where–to sit when he calms his nerves. Consequently, he chose to smoke indoors…consistently aggravating me! In order to resolve the matter, I knew all of us were gonna have to come to some sort of a decent compromise. Therefore, I advised  (demanded) that if he were so completely set on his indoor smoking ways, it was time to purchase an media air cleaner. Always financially frugal, he was somewhat reluctant as first. Once I explained to him that this purification upgrade would be so much less extravagant than the single living plan that I initially, entirely wanted, he agreed. Within a week, I had an HVAC worker out as well as had them set up a basic, ionic media air cleaner, adding it to our air handler equipment (AHU) that was located where my newfound beloved hubby should’ve been smoking all along: outside!

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