Smart thermostat next door

My neighbor recently hosted a dinner party at their house, and her husband loves to impress people with the gadgets and gizmos he collects. As each person arrived, he made sure to point any new additions to his collection of things he bought to make life easier.  I was lucky enough to witness the unveiling of the brand new smart thermostat. After the initial unveiling, he made sure to direct several people’s attention to the device throughout the evening. I ended up learning quite a bit about its extensive features. As with every other gadget he buys, he only buys the best of the best and he made sure it had all the bells and whistles.  This piece of technology automatically tracks and compiles data from the HVAC system.  It enables them to program in different temperatures for different times of day as well as days of the week. It can even advised them when there is a problem with the HVAC system and if the filters need to be changed.  My neighbor even made sure to inform us that the device had saved them a lot of money as far as the utilities go. Apparently, since the temperature control tracks several heating and cooling settings, the automatic adjustments that it makes ensure that the HVAC system is only running at its most energy efficient level. Ultimately, I thought that their new smart temperature control was cool, but slightly too complicated for my liking. I will have to contact my HVAC dealer and see if there is one that works well but is a little more user friendly for my home.  

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