Smart thermostat for roommates

When you live with roommates you learn that having control is a good thing. In a situation where everything belongs to everyone, it is a privilege to have control of one thing even if it’s something small like your personal mug or your own ice cream spoon. I once lived with six people, and the biggest issue had been when someone would change the temperature of the thermostat. I would find myself on the verge of tears when my bill increased over 300 dollars worth just because someone decided they needed it the house 70 degrees and have all the windows open making the air conditioning always running. Then my HVAC Provider mentioned using a smart thermostat to help save money. A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi connected thermostat that could be controlled with a smartphone. When the HVAC technician came to set it up they also informed me that I could be notified when the thermostat reached a temperature outside the scheduled range, meaning even if someone touched the thermostat in the house I could change it back to the right temperature without even being in the area. I was more than relieved when my next monthly bill was back down to a reasonable price and my roommates were happy I wasn’t constantly yelling at everyone to leave the thermostat alone. Not only was the smart thermostat convenient it was also simple to set up and gives me up to date data reports so I can see when and why the HVAC system went a bit higher or lower than I expected. I am now on a mission to make sure everyone I know thinks about converting to a smart thermostat compared to the manual one usually set up in houses today.

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