Small heating unit

I was finally out of college and found out that I had the need to closely watch my money. My student loan total had skyrocketed, and finding a job in my chosen field was proving to be more difficult.  I had little or no income. I found a really small apartment and I could afford it. The apartment was not as modern as I wanted.  It was located in a really bad neighborhood, and it was in horrible disrepair. The wallpaper was faded and coming loose.  The faucets constantly leaked, and the refrigerator was warm more than cold.  The worst problem was the dilapidated HVAC system. Although a central air conditioning unit was in place, it made a deafening amount of noise but provided no noticeable amount of cold air. When the air conditioning equipment did run, it filled the apartment with particles of dust and a lung-burning smell of mold. The windows in the apartment appeared to be painted shut. I tried to run an oscillating fan, but, I blew a fuse. The ability of the furnace to heat was in question.  I found that staying  comfortable throughout the winter was unbelievably difficult. We tend to experience outdoor temperatures that can reach below freezing, so good heating is necessary. Unfortunately, the furnace offered a very small amount heat.  The furnace ran constantly, and cost a bundle to operate. I couldn’t expend any  more money to up the thermostat, and I worried the furnace would explode and burn everything I owned. I bought several space heaters. The ancient electrical wiring, made it difficult to operate one space heater at any given time, so two or more was impossible. This meant that I was confined to one warm room in the apartment. I began layering my clothing inside and outside.

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