Slow moving cooling unit

When our cooling system started to act sluggish, I thought it might be the opportune time to contact our cooling system maintenance dealer. I had seen a few commercials on late-night cable for cooling system tuneups.  There was one, unique commercial about a Heating and A/C supplier that was running a coupon special. The cooling system tune-up was only going to be $44, and that included a brand new air filter. The coupon special made me gleeful because the a/c tune-up normally costs at least $60. The cooling system professional arrived bright and early to our home, and he instantaneously started investigating our system. The professional looked at our outside cooling system unit, used the hose to clear out any of the leaf debris away from the slots, then he took special care while handling the wires to make sure that they were secure.  He also checked the level of refrigerant in the system, and when the tech finished with our outdoor system, he moved right inside the house and started taking apart our indoor heating and A/C unit. He took care of all of the belts to make sure they were not worn down, and he changed out the existing air filter in our system. He looked through all of the bizarre mechanical and electrical parts, in order to make sure that everything was entirely working as it should. He was very thorough during the entire Heating and A/C maintenance tune-up and it only took an hour.  I absolutely felt that I received a good deal for the money that I had spent! Our Heating and A/C system will now be ready for the summer season that will soon be upon us, and I will not have to worry about any minor concerns keeping our cooling equipment from working correctly.

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