Sick when the AC is dirty

I have a friend who lives just a few streets over from me; On the weekends, both of us spend a lot of time together in addition to I sleep over at her cabin often… She has a important study room with a walk in closet that is every girl’s dream… I like her cabin in addition to family, however occasionally I don’t like staying there for actually long, they have a large cabin with central a/c which is good for sleeping on hot summer days, although, the past couple of times I have been there, I felt sick when I got home. At first I thought it was just a bug going around, however then both of us started to see a correlation between my sickness in addition to sleeping in the a/c, my cabin does not have a/c, so when I go to my friends, the dry, cool air tends to make my throat scratchy.  I’ve also noticed that my eyes get puffy in addition to itchy in the morning which I assume is from something other than the a/c. I have a feeling that the cabin does not get the official Heating plus Air Conditioning repair that it should, whenever the central a/c turns on, I see dust blowing from the vents in addition to throughout my friend’s room.  I can’t be the only one who suffers from getting sick in the a/c because the congested vents are surely noticeable, however eventually, I won’t be able to stay the night at her cabin anymore unless they get their vents cleaned out! It’s a shame, however I’d rather stay healthy than sleep in a dusty air conditioned home.

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