Should have asked about air conditioner

I have parents that are beyond controlling in the case of planning vacations. Before we can choose lodging, they always call the home owners or hotel managers and make an inquiry that includes ten million questions. I think they are ridiculous but they swear it’s for our own good. They say they will make sure we will end up staying somewhere comfortable. Well this year, I decided to plan our annual vacation because I am the adult now and I shall be bringing my adult boyfriend along. I wanted to make sure the process was as easy as it can be, so I chose what was at first a nice-looking rental house close by a lake and booked it for a week. When we arrived, the property looked great but we walked in the front door to a humid feeling. The air conditioner was not running, so we adjusted the thermostat to a lower setting. After a few minutes of running the A/C, the problem wasn’t getting any better. We realized that there was nothing but hot air coming through the air vents. When we called house manager to report the issue, no one answered. We were stuck for three days on vacation before someone finally answered and had an HVAC technician sent to address our problem. I guess my parents were right. Never again will I make reservations for a hotel room or rent a vacation home without asking a slew of questions. Mom and dad were so upset that I had not allowed them to book the place. They always made sure to ask if the air conditioner was in proper working order. I really learned my lesson that time.

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