Shopping and the ac

   With the start of a new school year just ahead, it was time to do my yearly back to school shopping trip with my daughter, Amy.  This year, I decided to begin with her school clothes, since Amy had managed to out grow almost everything she owned yet again.  She and I headed to our local department store.  We had the air conditioner blasting in the car because it was nearly a hundred degrees outside, with eighty-five percent humidity. The air was so moist and heavy.  As the two of us left the nice cool car, Amy and I  were immediately perspiring.  Amy complained that her dress was sticking to her while we walked to the entrance of the department store.  We expected that once we got inside, we  would be welcomed by the coolness of the store’s air conditioner unit.  However, when we opened the doors, we were hit  by warm air.  We headed inside and noticed that it was just as warm inside the store as outside.  It might have been even a little hotter.  I overheard one of the sale people saying  that their air conditioner was broken, and they were unable to turn the heat off.  I figured we could  make the best of it , since we were already there.  We found  the teenagers clothing department, and I grabbed a few shirts, pants, and presses, and then  we headed toward the dressing rooms.  I had Amy try on some of the clothes, but by this time, she was in no mood for it.  She was overheated and unhappy.  As she struggled to pull on a pair of jeans, I realized she was so sweaty from the heat that the clothing was sticking to her skin.  After that, I decided that we would abandon our school clothes shopping for that afternoon.  Shopping in a store with the heat pouring out was a horrible experience for pretty both Amy and I. It made the already unpleasant task of trying on clothing even worse.  I was so aggravated with the situation as we headed out the doors, but Amy  was just relieved that we were leaving.  Once we stepped outside, we actually felt cooler!  I felt that the store should not have its doors open  to the public when their heating and cooling system was broken.  In such heat, is probably dangerous to be exposed to such high temperatures.  The store should have at least set up some fans.  They failed to consider  the health and enjoyment of their clients.  I doubt we will be returning to the store again.

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