Settings for HVAC units


          I think autumn is so great and I really mean that. Think about it: Coming as it does between summer and winter, it is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s like this season of year is the perfect mix of summer and winter. Big brown leaves fall gently from the trees, turning the ground into the perfect resting place for pets. It is a season of quiet peace, coming after the wildness of summer but before the Christmas holidays..

           While you enjoy it though – remembering summer and facing winter – it is time to check up on the heating unit which will keep you warm through the winter. Depending on your location, you may or may not require use of your HVAC system during fall. Of course, many people just like having fine air quality, all year long. This is more so after you spent all day in an air conditioned setting. Arriving home to a house without cooling or heating, whether or not the environment demands it, is like a huge disturbance in one’s comfort level. So the HVAC system will keep going, with the thermostat at a mood setting.

          This is the time not to simply assume that your furnace will heat your home in the coming winter.  Make sure of this by having your HVAC service people investigate your entire cooling/heating system. Issues identified this way, will require less time and money to be fixed.

           Better being safe than sorry.