Senior home ac

Yesterday morning I drove ten hours to NJ to see a very dear friend of mine who is quite sick. She lives in an assisted living facility by her own request, where she is taken care of by two aides. Each patient’s room is tailored to her needs and comforts. Again, for her needs, not the woman’s guests. The first day I went to see her, I was taken aback by her room initially. It was so stuffy and smelly. I knew it was the smell of the sick and hospital environment, but it was so bad because it seemed as if the air filters had do not been changed out recently. We visited for a bit, when she asked me to turn on the air conditioner. I switched on the thermostat to where she asked, and soon it was freezing, but that was the way she liked it. Before long, I could barely sit there talking to her, I was so freezing. And then, just like that, she asked me to turn it off and go and turn the heater on for a bit. I looked out at the aide, and she nodded in approval. Apparently, this was very normal for her in her declining state. She would go back and forth from heat to cooling all day long. At one point, she even asked me to open the window for her. I was so confused about what she was experiencing, and I learned that she was equally confused, which made it even more sad. The following day I visited and I was more prepared, with both a sweater and a short sleeve tee shirt. I was just waiting for the air conditioning and heating game to begin!

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