SEER ratings and air conditioning

I spent quite a long time debating whether or not I needed to install a central air conditioning system in my house. I heat my home with a forced air furnace, so the complete duct system was already available. Adding a cooling unit did not require a major renovation, and the expenses weren’t beyond my budget. I knew, however, that the air conditioner would raise my electric bill through the entire summer, and I wasn’t sure how often I’d wish to use it. I live in an area that gets brutal cold weather, and very short summers. During the summer, it can get exceptionally hot, humid, and uncomfortable. The house becomes overheated, and box fans and open windows aren’t adequate to make me comfortable. When I finally invested in the central air conditioner, I was amazed by the amount I have come to appreciate it. I now start up my air conditioner in early spring and even though the outside weather isn’t all that warm, I like having the air conditioner circulate and filter my indoor air. I prefer to keep the windows shut for safety  reasons, and it prevents bugs, pollen, dust, and exhaust fumes from getting inside. I found out that I no longer hear traffic sounds, woofing dogs, or my neighbors. I sleep much better and wake up feeling rested and energized. I’ve noticed that the house is much cleaner, and I do not have to deal with mildew on my windows sills. The air conditioner has been a worthwhile investment, and it really isn’t that costly to operate. I spent a bit more to purchase an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating, and this pays off every month in added savings.

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