Second level cooling

Earlier this week I made a significant life change, bigger than everything I’ve ever done before. I had relocated myself, my dog, and all my belongings 1,000 miles north of where I previously lived for the past year. It’s also 1000 miles outside of my hometown, and I’ve never been so far from our neighbors before. I have to admit, I don’t think that this big change has really sat with me yet since we’ve been so busy running around and getting the new place together, but the newness in the whole situation is definitely exciting to consider, especially when I imagine the new house’s central heating and cooling system. I love the brand new place we are living in; it’s a big house with a wooded large yard and a plethora of room for our dog to be. However, the house has difficulty keeping an even balanced centralized temperature. There are various floors, and each one is distinctly heated differently. I first noticed this challenge when I tried to sleep one night here, and realized that our top floor was much hotter as opposed to what the thermostat read. I lowered the temperature significantly and received serious complaining from my boyfriend for overusing the central cooling, nonetheless I couldn’t sleep unless the AC was adjusted this significantly. After that, however, it has continued to be a topic of conversation, and I think we may have to buy a window air conditioning unit to lower the interpersonal contention spawned as a result of this indoor air temperature problem. Then we can both sleep during the nighttime and feel rested.

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