Saving money

Not all the people are as thrifty with their money as I am. There are great benefits to being money conscious and keeping your wallet strings tight. For instance, by shopping at discount grocery stores and not buying household items brand new, I’ve saved enough cash to pay off my student loans way ahead of time. I now have more financial freedom to go on trips or buy things that truly bring me happiness by correctly saving money.

          That’s how I ended up acquiring a new A/C machine for next to nothing, and getting an extra surprise with the equipment.  I was on the market searching for a new a/c to help supplement my central cooling machine at home. Though our home’s Heating and A/C device worked well, it didn’t give enough cold air to the top floor of the house, so I wanted to install a smaller A/C to service our quarters at night. I found an A/C window unit listed for free on craigslist, and drove out to get it immediately. Upon getting it  home, I was happy to find that the A/C fit perfectly in our window and was quickly installed.

          By turning on the Heating and A/C component, it was obvious that something wasn’t working right. The machine made some weird humming and buzzing sounds, and only a small amount of cool air wafted out of the air vents. When we opened up the front A/C panel to find the issue; and were instantly greeted by the tiny face of a baby squirrel. heat pump system