Same issue with the HVAC

All my life I have lived in the north.  In my area, the Winter seasons are fairly mild and the summer seasons are not overly hot. Unlike other northern regions, I realize that I’m lucky to have pleasant weather that is rarely overheated or  too cold.  It’s only at specific times of hyear that I have to depend on the Heating and Air Conditioning system for comfort.  I’ve been spoiled but that that will all come to an end shortly.  I am moving down south for a job offer! For the last year, I felt that I was a working hard at my job.   I never seemed to be rewarded.  The promotion is a great opportunity for me, but I am dreading it a bit.  The new job pays more money, and that’s helpful.  Unfortunately, I will be moving in mid June. It will be super hot out.  I’ve heard that all of the homes down there feature air conditioning. I know this is a necessity in this area of the country.   I will require an efficient Air Conditioning system if I’m to live comfortably down there. It’s going to be difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle.  I’ve found a house that has lots of big windows, spacious rooms and a modern cooling system.  I am hoping the cooling system will be energy efficient.  I don’t want to spend the extra money I’ll be earning on utility bills.  It’s going to take some time to get used to requiring air conditioning throughout most of the year.  I’m not accustomed to high heat and humidity, and I hope it’s not too awful.

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