Safety inspections

I have always been a stickler for following the policies. If the manual for my car says to get a tune-up every three thousand miles, that is what I undertake. Or if the warranty for my refrigerator is about to run out, I extend it. My wife has complained regularly about the extra money I spend, when she does not deem it necessary most occasions. Recently, our central heating and air conditioning unit stopped functioning, and she learned the way in which important this step can become. Because we have our HVAC system audited for safety and maintenance twice a year, we were able to keep extending the warranty for quite some time. The recommendation from the manufacturer was with the safety inspection for the HVAC equipment to be done annually, but in order to your warranty to remain in effect after a multitude of years, an additional service inspection was required. Though I was careful to ensure the central unit was checked, the HVAC equipment still appeared to be breaking down on us. I called our trusted HVAC company plus they sent out a repairman right now. He broke down the HVAC system both inside and outside of our home. He cost of repair and alternative to the broken parts would be almost as high as replacing the now outdated HVAC system. Assuming we will only prolong the problems and knowing I’d personally continue to remain under service contract, our HVAC contractor agreed to obtain us a new ductless micro split air conditioning system. Finally, I love that the HVAC installation was simple and fast, and also under warranty.

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