My spouse and I live on the road. Right after we retired, we bought a R.V. and set off on a new adventure. We have witnessed all the big landmarks and even had dinner out under the stars. Every day we are in a different place and we like it so much. Different locations have different climates and we believe we’ve been prepared for any situation. We have put big money into our new life and it was worth it. One thing we made a good investment on was a window air conditioning unit for our R.V. It is installed in the bedroom and has heating and cooling abilities. The R.V. has a unique heater and air conditioning, but it doesn’t heat or cool the whole vehicle very well. When in really cold climates, the bedroom can become frigid without use of the HVAC window unit. In addition, we don’t want to run the automobiles A/C unit when we are parked for a night. My husband and I close the doorway to the bedroom and cuddle on the bed while the HVAC unit heats up the room. We like watching our television together while we enjoy the heat. I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t own our HVAC window unit within our R.V. Sleeping at night in that bedroom might possibly be very uncomfortable without the use of an HVAC system. A heating and cooling window unit is a superb invention. I would recommend to anyone that they need to invest in an HVAC unit with regard to their heating and cooling needs.

HVAC technology