RV A/C saves the day

We all decided to go to the springs this weekend. It’s a tradition of our family, to go camping during the summer. We load up the trucks with our kayaks and canoes, and head down to the river retreat. We all have our RV’s, so it’s a great camping trip. Sometimes it can get really hot out there, and we can’t stand to tent camp any longer. This past weekend was a scorcher. We spent four days at the river, and the outdoor temperatures were in the triple digits during most of the time. Thankfully, there is a spring located near the river, because the cold water feels amazing during the day. We were all incredibly thankful for the A/C systems in our RV’s. The A/C is pumped into the RV, via an internal air ducting system. It’s much better than the old systems. There are twelve different A/C and heating air ducts inside of the RV. They can be pointed in different directions, and two of them can be completely closed. The A/C feels great and always keeps the entire place cold and comfortable. The kids have trouble managing to keep the front door closed, so we always end up with a few flies inside, but we never have to worry about the A/C. During the winter season, we can easily use our propane tanks to heat our RV. The heat is distributed throughout the same complex network of air ducts. I don’t understand most of it, but I am thankful for the cold A/C during July.

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