Running while the ac is on

I am always running on the track training for an upcoming marathon, because I really want to last the full 26 miles. I suppose it will be challenging so I am always eating clean plus building up my endurance. I suppose I have to be prepared to run out in the heat, so I do a lot of running separated from any shade. It is always challenging. When I finish, I just want to sit under an air conditioner. I entirely know that separate from the air conditioner, I legitimately wouldn’t be able to deal with all of the constant exercising. I know I would go silly if I couldn’t find that relief after a full day of running; The sizable marathon event is coming up quite soon so I have been running non-stop keeping a consistent pace plus staying focused. It is important to stay hydrated too. I have been able to successfully run 26 miles straight on my treadmill, however that’s while I’m running with the a/c going and without sun. The actual event is going to be a lot harder.  I am legitimately just proud of myself for making all the way here. Even if I don’t complete the marathon, I know I have done my best and really built up my endurance. These days I just quite enjoy jogging around the neighborhood in the early cool air or the evening. It entirely allows me to think about my life. I was actually thinking about getting a current Heating plus A/C idea the other day when I was running. I know if I complete the marathon, I will treat myself with a modern Heating plus A/C system!

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