Routine duct cleaning

I’ve always been particular about the cleanliness of my home, I don’t like dirt, and I don’t like clutter. My family is too familiar with my clearing phases, when I toss or give away anything I feel has sat around untouched or unused, my family won’t realize their belongings have been cleared out until it’s too late, at which I point I say ‘well, you should take more ownership of your belongings.’ I take good care of the surface areas, and I’ve always believed my HVAC unit took good care of the cleanliness of my air. At least I thought I was doing what I needed to until I had my routine HVAC cleaning. The technician asked when the last time I had my air ducts cleaned. I said never, I’ve had the system for 8 years and no technician ever asked me that or asked to clean the ducts. He told me it is important to have your air ducts cleaned every five years or so. The air being breathed in the home gets recycled through your ducts, filtered only through the filter before re entering the home. The thought of the same air being breathed in and out, the detritus of daily life like hair, skin cells, dirt and dust from outside, bathroom particles all being cycled through and the vents and my lungs. I wanted to throw up right there. I felt all efforts of cleaning have been for nothing. I began getting my air ducts cleaned that day, but I do every four years, as if making up for lost time will help.

ductwork cleaning