Roommate thermostat settings

I am pretty sure that  I can ever live with my girlfriend Janice. She likes to be inseparable all of the time. Constantly, she is calling me to just hang out together. She needs way too much attention, while I need too much alone time. We also have a heating and cooling argument. Janice gets overheated easily. She must just be a few degrees hotter than the typical woman. She always opens the car windows and turns up the AC. She keeps her home really cold with a central air conditioner. I totally freeze everytime I go over. I wear Winter gear even in the summer, just to watch a film. The air conditioner is always pumping out freezing air. I am the total opposite of Janice. I want to be toasty warm. I run the gas oil furnace at all times. In the Spring and early summer, even when the weather is mild, I still run the furnace. I would way rather take peel off clothes than put more on. I recognize that operating the furnace excessively costs a lot, but I hate being chilly. I start my car super early. I hate getting inside a chilly car. I do bother with an air conditioner. How will Janice and I ever live together then? Will she just be sweaty all of the time, or will I be freezing all of the time? There is zone control technology for HVAC system.  This lets a person set different temperatures in each room.  Janice and I  could do that type of Heating and Cooling, but we could  never share the same room.

temperature control