Road Trip HVAC RV Challenges

We have been a homeschooling RV family for about three years now. I only have two children, which makes for a very comfortable living environment on most days. It isn’t too crowded with each of us carving out a little bit of space with the RV. We tend to have a pretty loose travel schedule, we don’t like too much of a regulated plan most days. The one thing that we have put into consideration, however, is the weather. Our first year out on the road, we were so excited that we just travelled to all of our desires without putting much thought into weather or tourism. We found ourselves in serious traffic most of the time and insane heat that caused us to overuse our HVAC system set up on the RV. It was a very difficult to be on the road and have the air conditioning break down, since finding any kind of HVAC technician to come to our RV roadside or at an RV park was unheard of. We were quickly becoming experts in how to maintain our own air filters and doing basic HVAC maintenance. But, some days, the heat and travel were just not a match for our HVAC system. We soon learned that we needed to balance popular destinations in the off season to first ease our travels schedule and second give our HVAC system a break. It also proved helpful to travel to the less populated places in the winter escaping the snow and being in the warmth! I think our HVAC system appreciated it the most!

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