Restaurant with smelly A/C

My friends and I always go to the same restaurant for lunch. We have been going to this restaurant for the past three years, and it has the best sandwiches in the entire state. A few weeks ago, my friends and I met in the afternoon. We went to our favorite restaurant, but found it to be in serious disrepair. There were boxes and trash everywhere, and it looked as though they were moving things around. There was a sign on the door about renovations, but it stated that they were still open. My friends and I decided to go inside, because it is our favorite place to eat. The biggest problem was the A/C system, because it smelled horribly bad. Every time the A/C system kicked on, there was a burnt hair smell in the air. It was absolutely horrible, and it made me wish that the A/C system had stayed off during the entire time. My friends and I talk to the manager about the stinking A/C system, but they didn’t seem to be very worried about the problem. My friends and I only stayed for a little while, before the smell was too much to bear. I hope that the renovations are done quickly, because it is causing a lot of problems in the establishment. My friends and I will not be able to return to this place to eat, until the renovations have been completed and the A/C system smells better. This place has the best reubens, so I hope the problems are resolved quickly.

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