Replacing our heating and air conditioning

When my wife and I were finally able to buy a house, we had a very small budget.  In order to afford the property and location we wanted, we settled for a house that  was in really bad condition.  The former owners had not done any updates in many years, and the home was rundown and outdated.  The wiring was not up to code, presented a safety hazard, and there were insufficient power outlets and overhead lighting.  The water and drainage pipes were corroded, and many of them leaked.  The drains were extremely slow, and there was insufficient water pressure.  We need all new appliances, including the furnace, ductwork, water heater and oven.   We were fortunate to find a local company that offered plumbing, electrical and HVAC services.   They were able to coordinate our different projects to minimize mess and upheaval.  They helped us to determine the proper sizing and style of water heater and furnace, and handled the installation of the new duct system.   My wife and I were not originally planning to invest in  air conditioning.  In this region of the country, the summer weather is brief, and the few months of hot and humid weather are manageable with electric fans and portable air conditioners. The HVAC contractor, however, offered us a package deal which made the upgrade to central cooling worthwhile.  I did not expect to run the air conditioner so often, and I am surprised the difference in the comfort and cleanliness of our home.  Even when the outside temperature isn’t terribly hot, I often turn on the air conditioner.  I like that it circulates and filters the air, creating a more refreshing and healthy indoor environment. It combats humidity, and because the windows are kept closed we avoid exterior noise and air pollution. While the remodeling project cost us plenty, we have created an enjoyable and more energy efficient home.

AC unit