Removing pet hair

Most people are well aware of the thousands of animals that are sold by illegal breeders every year.  Last year, My boyfriend and I adopted one of the rescues from our local shelter.  He is a sweet dog but had a lot to learn. He was nearly fully grown in terms of size when we got him but still a puppy at heart.  He had such a rough start and it took a lot of patience to make him the great dog he is now.  He does have some habits that we can’t seem to break. He loves to steal socks and towels from the dirty laundry and hide them in his bed and he enjoys begging for food. We both swear we never taught her how to do this. There is one more habit that we find funny that he has done ever since we brought him home.  He loves to lay by the floor vents for the HVAC system and have the air blowing in his face.  When it is not on, he will paw at it to try and make it work.  He doesn’t seem to care if it is warm or cool air, he just likes it blowing in his face. He doesn’t lay directly on the air vent and for that I am glad. I don’t think he wants his overall body to warm up or cool-down, and he is really too big for that anyway. He spent his early life confined to a cage so I think the free feeling he gets from the blowing air makes him feel good. He loves the heat in the winter the most because it helps to relax him. I can’t blame him, I like to sit close to the fireplace for the same reason. Aside from breaking some bad habits, he is a great dog.  If you are looking to get a pet, please check out your local shelter first.  You can give a deserving animal a great “furever” home. air and heat