Regret trying my own heater install

I made the mistake of not hiring someone for heating installation. I called a heating business, picked out an oil furnace and then decided to do my own installation. The price of the oil furnace was more than I expected. I wanted to save some money and do the installation. There are so many problems that I don’t know where to start! First is that I did not research what I needed to do before the Heating and Air Conditioning business delivered the oil furnace. I should have gotten gas hookups and flue unit installed, and I did not do that. Instead the furnace got delivered and set upstairs in my house. Now, I don’t like where it is placed. I have been trying to get my siblings over and maybe the three of us can transfer it to a better spot. Then I have to figure out how to get the hookups and flue set up, however even if that all goes well, how exactly do you start a heater? I read some articles online, but I am not feeling too sure. My oldest sibling seems to think she can do it. I am a little distraught about having her do it though. My furnace was so much money, what if she ruins it? What if the heating unit is installed wrong and won’t run as efficiently? Incorrectly installed furnaces cost you more money in bills and future oil furnace repairs. I recognize that is going to be the case for myself unless I call a professional for assistance. I just can’t afford it now.

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