Reflecting on HVAC equipment

I am able to remember life without HVAC as a child. We were poor indeed and my father was a hard worker. He worked with the horrible, dirty, coal mines of Kentucky. My father was truly of honor. He served much of our country with great hope during World War two and Pellet Harbor. Times were often hard for us and the great depression was severe. As times got better we could move to a little bigger house around the corner.  We had fans to hold us cool and a big pot belly stove to hold us warm. Even though times were hard my father would always be thankful for what we had when it was little. A few years later we could move again to an even nicer home. This time we had a central heating and air conditioner system of our own. It was an old unit but it surely functioned on time. With a prideful look dad told us kids that they and my mom were the one ones to touch this HVAC unit for safety. We absolutely loved our a/c unit now and we were very obedient to the rules always. After a few years my dad bought our family an even more innovative new house. It had an HVAC system that is completely new. We were older so my father showed us how to operate the HVAC system and improve the filter by ourselves. Finally all the youngsters are now grown up with families of their own. We have are own homes and brand-new HVAC units in each. But as I look back at all the things we went through for the reason as children, I’ll never forget how strong, loving, and caring my parents were. And I’ll forever keep in mind the importance of having a top quality HVAC unit for your family.

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