Rain causes delay and cold

My Mom has always told me that rain and cold weather do not cause you to get a cold. After this past weekend, I might be able to argue with her on that point. I decided to attend a festival at the fairgrounds this weekend, even though the weather was calling for showers. It’s the southeast, and we usually get a rain storm every day. Since they hardly ever last very long, I decided to go tot the festival anyways. It was nearly 85 degrees outside, when we left to head out to the gathering. By the time we arrived to the fairgrounds, the weather was still very hot, but the clouds were starting to set in. I was sweating immensely, so I thought that a little rain might be a welcome cooling feature. When the clouds burst open, and water started pouring from the clouds, I raced to get inside of one of the exhibit halls. It was freezing cold inside, and I was immediately shivering from the cold A/C. The A/C would have felt great if it were still sunny and 85, but it was bleak and dark outdoors. The cold A/C was causing me to shiver uncontrollable, but I couldn’t leave the building while it was raining so fiercely. I sat around the area for twenty minutes, while I waited for the rain to cease. When I finally left the cold A/C, my nose was already starting to run. I ended up with a runny nose and a cold, and I know it was because of the cold A/C in that building.

A/C repair