Putting in a heater

My husband, Arthur, and I made an appointment with our local HVAC dealer, to have a brand new heating system installed last Tuesday.  The furnace in our house had become unreliable, and we were in definite need of an updated and more efficient model. We decided on a particular make and model of gas furnace that was ideal for our needs, and we called around to find the best HVAC company to provide sizing and installation. We found a reputable company online, and called them to give us an estimate. They were so helpful and quite knowledge about the various furnaces that are on the market. The afternoon before our new furnace was to be installed, the manager called to confirm our appointment for three o’clock the following afternoon. I told the manager that Arthur and I  would be home,  waiting to have our new gas furnace installed.  When it was about thirty minutes beyond our appointment time,  I called the HVAC dealer. They apologized for the hold up and assured us that the supplier was really close to our home and would be there within a few minutes. At fifteen minutes past the hour, I called the HVAC contractor back for further information. I explained that the installation technician was still not at the house for our appointment. When the HVAC contractor finally showed with our new heater,  it was nearly five o’clock in the evening. I was really unhappy about wasting my day.  I didn’t want to yell, but I couldn’t hold back. I was angry about wasting my day waiting for the technician, but he explained that he was filling in for the scheduled contractor.   The other contractor had been in an automobile accident.  The HVAC company made up for it with a complimentary smart thermostat.

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