Protecting my HVAC equipment

May possibly a twenty-six year old daughter who is quite lovely. She really has everything deciding on her in life. I raised her to be independent. She is quite attractive, and people are always informing me that. But at the same time she is kind and clever. She has a college degree and a good job, and she owns her own house. Any man would be blessed to enjoy her, but for some reason she can’t find a decent man. Last month, I was having the HVAC maintenance done at my house and had to be at the office, so I asked my daughter if she could sit and wait for the HVAC service technician to arrive. She agreed, even though she didn’t want to. Well, it turned out that waiting at my house for the HVAC company was the greatest thing she could have done. The heating and cooling specialist arrived, and my daughter thought he was consequently handsome and funny. I guess she flirted a bit with the A/C repair person because before he left to venture to his next HVAC appointment, he asked her out. They had dinner  that very night and my daughter currently is engaged to the HVAC person! Can you believe that? I really do have to admit that I also much like the HVAC service man. I think he is perfectly for her. I found myself asking him earlier this week if all the HVAC business employees were as nice as he or she is and if there are almost any older single heating and cooling specialists in his HVAC company! He jeered, but I was only 50 percent joking.

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