Proper HVAC for the baby

I got married a few years back. We wanted to wait a few years before we had children though. We wanted time to travel and to accomplish a few of our dreams before we had to add the cost of raising children into our lives. We finally feel ready to have a kid. So about a month ago we starting trying for our first child. I am so excited to say that we are expecting a little girl this winter! I am so glad to be a mom and suppose my husband can’t wait to be a father either. I started studying pregnancy books just like any expecting mother does. I wanted to have the whole house ready when they baby came so all of us wouldn’t have to worry about anything except for caring for our child. One of the most crucial things I read was to make sure your Heating plus A/C plan was ready, this was something I absolutely didn’t even consider before. I read there are several steps you need to take to look at your HVAC system and make sure it is safe and ready for the baby.The first is to have an Heating plus A/C worker come to look at the home and make sure that everything is absolutely working. Once you do this you need to make sure to schedule preventative appointments with an Heating plus A/C dealer. After doing this you have to make sure the air filter for you a/c is changed at least every couple of months to avoid mold plus dust going through your home and making the baby sick. I am so glad that I read all of these tips before the baby came.

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