Problems with my toilet

We’ve lived in the same house for the past twelve years.  My house is over a hundred and fifty years old, two stories, and  has two bathrooms.  We have had constant problems with both bathrooms, especially the toilets.  I’m not sure if this is because the plumbing system is extremely outdated, or because we tend to buy cheap toilets.  Like anything else, the quality of toilets vary greatly.  Lengths of warranty, comfort, and flow of water are important features.  Because our toilet usually malfunctions after regular business hours, and we’re desperate to resolve the problem, we just grab a toilet off the shelf at the local hardware store.  We’ve had so many difficulties with both toilets in the house, we always keep spare parts, wax rings, and plumbing tape on hand in the garage.  My husband has become an expert at repairing the toilet.   He has a special toolbox for the wrenches and other tools he needs to handle every type of plumbing issue.  My husband can replace the guts in the tank within fifteen minutes.  If the toilet won’t fill with water or won’t stop running, he replaces the flapper in the tank.  If the toilet is leaking, he sometimes has to remove the toilet and replace the wax ring.  Whether it’s a leak or a need for a whole new toilet, my husband can complete an entire installation project within half an hour.  I think he could hire himself out to friends and neighbors to resolve their toilet challenges.  The employees at the hardware store recognize my husband, because of how frequently we need to purchase new toilets and replacement parts.