Problems during the summer months

I had just graduated about a little over a week ago. I wanted to get my own place near the college which was attending. I didn’t wish to dorm, but i also didn’t wish to live at home. I figured that getting a rental is the perfect idea for me personally. It was a nice small place. One bedroom, so i didn’t have to deal with any roommates. I had each of the basics that i needed. My landlord was super nice and she said when I needed anything to phone her up and she would care for it right away. I was living there for only one week, when I had heard aloud pop sound while sleeping. I had stumbled from bed, down the hall to never find anything. I was some scared, but I decided had to get back to bed because I wanted to get up early for my summer job in the morning. An hour later, and I woke again because i was overheating. I was laying within a pile of my own sweat! I went to the hall to check the thermostat and it proclaimed 75 degrees! It was concerning 80 degrees outside, so not much cooler inside. I had thought oh no! When I heard the really loud bang come from my air conditioner. I called my landlord and additionally she called a HVAC expert come right over in the morning. I was listening as your tech told my landlord that she must get her a/c units serviced ahead of summer months come because this problem happens to be easily prevented. You could tell on my landlord’s face that she regretted not finding the units serviced because she set up an appointment so as to get serviced before next summer. My landlord sure learned her lesson the hard way by to spend but i’m sure we will not ever forget to get them serviced again!HVAC tune-up