Problem replacing the furnace

I prefer to think that I adore all of my friends. I follow them all on their various social media accounts closely to see what they are up to, but I have to say: it truly breaks my heart when I see some distraught things on there though. One of my friend was having HVAC troubles recently, and she posted about how she came home to find one side of the home well heated and the other side totally cold. She knew there was something wrong with the Heating plus Air Conditioning or with the temperature control. She called a local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation to come and check what was going on with the Heating plus Air Conditioning that she had. She waited plus waited in her really uncomfortable home for hours, and finally, a repairman showed up. The repairman told my friend that the problem was with a stuck valve. She had fixed it however he also told her it could happen again at any time. The HVAC system she had was so old that the odds of it happening again are high. She had realized that afternoon that her oil furnace was nearly fifty years old. That is way over the age of a typical running oil furnace. She was stuck with a big decision that she knew she would have to make. She needed advice on if she wanted to spend the money at the time to get a current oil furnace. However, the estimate they provided was incredibly high! She ended up bringing the price down plus being able to actually finance it so it worked best for her. She ended up having a brand new, more current oil furnace put in plus all was right again. She said she even noticed a difference in the comfort level of the heat in her home.

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