Pregnant ladies need air conditioning

I guess planning was never my strong suit, because I’ve had three children and every one of them was born in the middle of summer. To make it even worse, with my last baby we planned to move to a new house just weeks before the expected birth. I had really been suffering through the hot weather. The air conditioner in our old house was not the best, and I tried a lot of things to get some relief. We kept ceiling fans running and wherever I sat, a box fan was usually pointed directly at me. I took long cooling showers and drank ice water, but the worst part was that at night, tired as I was, I would resort to sleeping on the floor because it was a few degrees cooler than the bed. Moving our family when I was eight months along was a killer, but once we were in the new house, I thought I had gone to heaven. The air conditioner in our new home was so blissfully cold I never wanted to go anywhere, plus I could sleep in my comfortable bed again, which every pregnant lady deserves to do. My recommendation is that pregnant women or anyone else who is suffering so much from the heat that they can’t even get a good night’s rest should get in touch with their HVAC provider and have their air conditioner serviced. Not everybody can just move to a new house like I did, but a good HVAC technician can make you a hundred percent more comfortable in your current home.

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