Poor ventilation

My grandfather is getting much older and sometimes makes some really bad decisions. The only real issue that he has is with his memory but his overall wellness is still good. Each of our family members always take turns through the week stopping in to check on him while trying not to make him feel like we are hovering over him. Last week when it was my turn to stop in, I was glad that I did because if I hadn’t there might have been a serious issue at his place. He had decided to get hold of a portable HVAC unit that was able to move between rooms because he loved the idea of being in the living room daily and in his bedroom during the night time. This was an excellent solution for him but I can’t say that he understood the directions for using the unit. He must have thought it was similar to a fan and plugged it into the wall without having it vented out of the window. When I arrived at his place and walked in, I actually was met by wall of very heated air and a very angry grandpa. He was sitting on this couch extremely frustrated and couldn’t comprehend why the room was getting warmer as opposed to getting cooler. I immediately opened up some windows just to let in fresh air while trying to figure out what the problem was. When I spotted the portable HVAC product I knew instantly that my grandfather had not followed the directions when using it. Not only had he just plugged it into the wall, he hadn’t even connected the ventilation hose. I set everything up correctly and the property was cool and comfortable within 30 minutes. Because he didn’t have the ventilation hose going out the window, the heated air that was removed was simply put back in the room so there was not a way for the air conditioner to get the job done properly.