Plane ride and the cooling

I really don’t care for airplanes. I would once enjoy it, but I’ve done it a great deal for my new job and am burned out on it. I always have to fly coach class because that’s all my company is willing to purchase, and I end up being cramped between one or two people on most of my flights. I think that the most unfortunate part for me is suffering without a proper heating and cooling system. Planes tend to have some of those tiny little vents that only let small amounts of air pass through, not to mention, it’s hard to direct them in the way you want them to. As someone who’s very dependent on their HVAC system from home, I have a hard time adjusting to this kind of ineffective way of staying cool. I usually spend the entire time planning to get to sleep, but I fail to make this happen because I’m also used to sleeping under an air vent inside my residence. When I get off of the plane, all I want to do is go to my hotel with the intention that I can blast the air conditioner to cool down. I am seriously considering searching for a new job that will not be requiring me to travel so much. Currently, I spend about 3 days of my week out of town, and I no longer enjoy all of the sightseeing. I would rather be stuck within an office near the house so that I can have my personal life and be home during the nighttime with my loved ones. If I never needed to step onto another plane again after acquiring a new job, I would be perfectly fine with this. Traveling is only fun for so long in my opinion, and now I hate it.

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