Place without air conditioning

I sell flooring for a major company and I often have to visit the homes of customers and potential customers every day of the week. I live in the south and am always flabbergasted by the number of people whose homes I enter who don’t have their air conditioning turned on in the warm spring months and hot summer months. In the spring, our local outdoor temperature typically reaches the high 80s. In the summer, we often hit triple digits and remain in the 80s or 90s at night. Yet, I will, from time to time, enter a home where the windows are barely cracked and the HVAC system is turned completely off. I stand there sweating like a pig in a slaughterhouse and the customer is fanning themselves with a newspaper. I want to say “you are fanning yourself and you can clearly see I am sweating through my shirt. Close the windows, offer me a cold drink, and crank the air up!” Of course I don’t say these things, but I wish I could. Instead, we stand there, in our mutual misery, and discuss flooring options. I was in one house yesterday where the ceilings were quite low and the HVAC system was off. I felt like I was in a yurt or a sweat lodge in the desert. My clothes were soaked with sweat by the time I left. I had to change clothes in the car before I got to my next appointment. I have learned to keep clean clothes in my trunk for this very reason.

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