Picking an air conditioning filter

There are several distinctly different air filters available at the Home Depot. The one air filter is a wobbly, disposable, and cheap air filter. The other air filter is washable and reusable. The salesperson at the building store explained the differences in the filters, and I decided upon the air filter that was more cost effective. Extra work does not bother me, when it means keeping the air filter clean of dust and debris.  The reusable air filter was more costly, but I know I will be using it for a couple months, at least, and it will ultimately save me money. The air filter was new and clean, and looked kind of odd next to my dirty AC. The air filter didn’t mind, and it worked really well.  The air was refreshed and I thought it smelled better than ever.  The air quality was dust free, and breathable.  Toward the week’s end, I wanted to pull out the air filter and see how well it was working. It wasn’t tremendously bad yet, so I thought I should wait just a few more weeks before actually cleaning the air filter.  I gently pulled the air filter out of its space, and used a toothbrush to remove the accumulated dust and lint off the surface. After I had completed that step, I used the vacuum cleaner brush to free up loose debris that held on to the filter. I had read that you should also use the hose and clean the air filter, but it really wasn’t dirty, so I dismissed that step. It’s been 2 months since I began using the reusable filter, and I am very pleased with its performance.  

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