People needing cooling

Quite a while ago I was presented with a fantastic life changing opportunity. I had been working a dead end job for several years, and something was telling me I needed a big difference. I had wanted to do something that could help people in need ever since I was a young child. However, the necessities of life altered my own focus to money and stability. So, I settled to be an HVAC technician for a large portion of my life. The job was very tiring indeed, but it paid well. After so many years of working on air conditioners, furnaces, ductwork, and HVAC systems typically, my friends offer was impossible to bypass. He asked me to start up a homeless shelter. I contemplated it, considered the price, and decided to make the leap into it. I really loved it! It was a completely different world from dealing with HVAC system repairs all day. We had a terrible tragedy not too long ago which really filled our shelter to full capacity. There was a major flood in our city, so we took lots of people in. During the second day of the flood, our HVAC system crashed. A big smile crept on my face as I calmed down the many displaced families. I got my old tools from my own office, and went to work repairing the HVAC system. It ended up being a minor issue with the air conditioner. I had it fixed within a few hours! It would have been hard for the people to even breathe lacking an air conditioner, so I happened to be in the appropriate place at the right time period!

A/c repair