Partnership of a woodstove and furnace

When my family bought our home, I was a child, second grade at best. But I remember feeling so lucky about our back to back fire places, one in the kitchen and the other to its back in the dining room. I had never had fire place, and although I was so young, I knew I had been missing out. I was too young to understand or comprehend the responsibilities and financing of a home’s heating and cooling units. Those are things that are over your head as a kid, but I fell in love with flickering flames, and the heat from a fire is more genuine, authentic than heat from a radiator or furnace. It’s like being served Aunt Jemima’s maple syrup when you’ve had the real thing. It might do in a fix, but it’s dissatisfying at best. My father decided to convert one of our fire places into a wood stove when I was in highschool. I was displeased, and didn’t understand why or how it would be more cost effective. He explained how it was ineffective to expect the fireplaces to heat the whole house, the majority of heat is being drawn up and out the chimney. Because of this, the furnace is working overtime to pump heated air through the radiators to make up for the lost heat. A woodstove contains the heat more effectively and blows it into the house opposed to being lost in the chimney. This way we would be burning less wood, getting more heat, and lowering our dependence on our furnace. It was a win win win.