Partnering the furnace

I really wish I lived where I could enjoy the springtime.  Around these parts it goes by in the blink of an eye. I live in a area of the country that changes from the frigid grasp of winter to the intense heat of summer so quickly that I barely have time to change over my wardrobe.  

The only way to survive the weather is to run some type of heating or cooling unit at all times.  When I bought my house, it was only equipped with a forced air furnace. There was no cooling system, and trying to manage portable cooling systems or fans was a nightmare.  The heat and humidity were so unbearable that I couldn’t sleep at night.  I called up a local HVAC dealer to see about investing in a complete system. Fortunately, the ductwork was already in place and the cost would be reasonable. They advised that I spend the extra on an electric heat pump. I was suspicious that the suggestion was inspired by the fact that he would make a larger commission. I decided to do some research and I realized that the higher cost of a heat pump would eventually pay for itself in savings on utility bills. During the summertime months, the heat pump would function as a cooling system.  In the winter, the heat pump would reverse direction and provide energy efficient heating.  Running a heat pump is far more efficient than the gas furnace.  It is also much more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t burn fossil fuel.  The only drawback, if any, is the fact that in extremely cold temperatures the heat pump will not work.   At that point, the furnace would automatically take over.  It will be a winning combination for sure.