Our last vacation went well

It was last winter that I decided to travel to a tropical location and ditch the cold weather. I took a ten-day vacation down south in January. When I left, the temperature was twenty-two degrees and snowing like crazy. I was delighted to reach my destination and observe sunny skies and palm trees. For my entire stay, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The temperature remained right around eighty-four degrees and no rain. I spent my days on the sand at the beach, getting a tan, and swimming in the ocean. I spent my evenings with my hotel room, running the air conditioner and reading a variety of good books. It was a great vacation and I was very reluctant to go back home. When I stepped in my home, I knew there was big trouble. There was an electrical power outage while I was away on vacation, which shut down the heater. Although power was restored within a couple of hours, the furnace never turned back on. The outside temperature dropped ten degrees below zero, and there was no heat in my residence. My water pipes in the basement froze and consequently burst. My entire basement was flooded, causing a so much property damage. I had to hire a plumber to check the pipes and an HVAC contractor to service my furnace. Although I enjoyed my vacation, it ended up costing me a fortune. There was so much cleanup, and for several days, I was forced to rely on space heaters. A smart thermostat could’ve prevented this big mess.